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Why UltraServ

Why UltraServ

  • We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

    UltraServ is the leading provider of food and beverage and management solutions for the hospitality and commercial sector in the Southern California region. Established over eight years ago we have been serving Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County with our exceptional service. Our diverse product line includes beverages, chips, candy, sundry, washers, dryers and detergent. We also amusement games and ATM machines; all designed to increase your revenue with no administrative burden. Our pledge to service your needs extends past the traditional 5-day work week. UltraServ serves our customers every hour, every day!

    Best service Available 24/7

  • There is a reason 99% of our clients come to us through referral.

    The UltraServ experience starts with our service pledge, which extends past the traditional 5 days’ workweek to provide around-the-clock customer service. With UltraServ you can rest assured that help is never more than a phone call away.

    Locally owned and operated, we keep your units fully stocked with the best-selling Brand names in beverages, snacks and laundry products – keeping your customers satisfied 24/7! Our team of professionals has over 25 years of combined experience with expertise in all major service sectors.

    By studying purchasing trends, we ensure optimal sell-through to maximize revenues. And our customized revenue program, this translates to greater profits for you.

  • Success begins with the Right Variety

    The dramatic increase in sales of juice, water, coffee and tea show that operators with broad portfolios will be best position to capture growth. That’s why UltraServ caters to today’s heath-minded customers by offering a wide variety of beverages and snacks from top selling brands.

    Also, due to taste cravings varying throughout the day, having a wide variety of preferred choices is key to increasing sales and profit. Be it day or night, your location will be stocked with the right variety!

  • Call today! Our friendly customer service representatives will start you on your way to enjoying the very best food and beverage partnership, with personalized, attentive service. Phone: 1-877-818-7378

  • UltraServ:Satisfying Today’s Modern Customers

    Each Machine UltraServ installs utilize the latest vending technology for minimal upkeep and the ultimate customer experience, as well as modern designs for an enticing point-of-sale.

    Our sate-of-the-art machines are equipped with superior security system and energy efficient technology. With a full catalog of equipment available, we create service plans custom-fit for your vending needs.

    UltraServ offers the following equipment to meet the growing demands of today’s customer.

  • Vending Software and Technology

    Utilize the best technology in the industry.

    Handheld device to download real vending sales, for each vending machine, by column. this data is uploaded to analyse and maximize profit.

    This technology also ensures accurate reporting, including product ranking reports.

    Qualified vending machines can be equipped with WiFi devices, which remotely monitors its machine’s sales and status.

    Vending machines can be equipped to accept credit and debit cards.